Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"I've always been inspired by the wordless novels,a genre made famous by early 20th century artists such as Frans Masereel and Otto Nuckel just to name a few. So, I've decided to give that lost art a try. But also decided to give it a twist by first, not imposing a particular "order" to the paintings but rather let the viewer choose and make its own story with the given elements. The other self imposed constraints were:13 paintings ,no freaks or clowns and only 4 colors [the circus colors ] red ,yellow, white and black.
Wordless picture stories have a unique and especially intimate relationship to their readers. In order to follow the narrative these works ask the viewer to guess what's taken place, then connect the dots from one image to the other and get the full story unfold. Nothing is up front but rather suggested and sometimes demands repeated viewing and lots of guessing."

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